Faculty of Legal and Labour Sciences Regulation

Regulation Approval
Faculty Internal Regime Regulation 01/02/2021
Bachelor’s Degree in Law Coordination Committee Regulation 01/12/2015
Master’s Degree in Advocacy Coordination Committee Regulation 01/12/2015
Academic Management Regulation for the Bachelor’s Degrees 28/11/2019
BDFP Elaboration Regulation 12/07/2022
Bachelor’s Degree External Internships Regulation 14/06/2012
Master’s in Advocacy External Internship Regulation 18/12/2012
Mentoring Regulation 14/11/2013
Area responsible nomination for the issue of recognition report procedure 11/11/2010
Internal Regulation for International Mobility 27/02/2018
Internal Regulation for International Mobility (modified) 04/12/2023
Faculty Journal Regulation 03/03/2017


University of Vigo Regulation

General Regulations

15/02/2016 – Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Elaboration Regulation
15/06/2016 – Master’s Degree Final Project Elaboration Regulation
21/06/2017 – University of Vigo Permanence Regulation
25/06/2008 – Credit Transfer and Recognition Regulation
24/05/2012 – External Internship Regulation | Chancellor Resolution of January 14
13/04/2021 – Students Regulation
17/10/2019 – University of Vigo General Electoral Regulation