Students interested in achieve the certification with specialisation will have to pass at least 30 ECTS (5 optional subjects) in the chosen of the following specialisations. Due to the academic organisation the optional subjects have a limited number of places so that for enrolling in those it is necessary to pre-enrol following the procedure published each year.

Specialisation in Corporate Private Law

The specialisation in Corporate Private Law enables to achieve the knowledge of topics related to the corporate world, necessary in the company legal-private world on its different dimensions: from the Maritime Law to the Bankruptcy Code including the civil liability, etc.

Subject Term
Bankruptcy Code 1st
Industrial Property and Competition 1st
Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods in Business 1st
Civil Liability for Business and Professional Activity 2nd
Maritime Law 2nd
International Trade Law 2nd
Credit Procedural Protection 2nd
External Internships 2nd

Specialisation in Corporate Public Law

The Specialisation in Corporate Public Law shows that students have become familiar with the public-legal consequences of the business environment, in its fiscal, labour and criminal dimensions, which are necessary aspects to properly develop these activities and the legal professions related to them.

Subject Term
Company Criminal Law 1st
Social Security Law 1st
Criminal and Administrative Liability in the Financial-tax Field 1st
Business Tax Regime 2nd
Economic Administrative Law 2nd
Economic Constitution 2nd
Administration Patrimonial Liability (Contractual and Extracontractual) Legal Regime 2nd
External Internships 2nd