The External Internships subject is a curricular subject with the main goal of promoting a comprehensive education through the practical application of the knowledge achieved during the Degree, facilitating the direct contact with the professional activity and with the opportunity of joining the labour market with some experience. All the internships have been designed for students to acquire a professional experience in real situations and conditions, using the knowledges, competences and skills acquired during their studies in the degrees.

The internships are activities developed by students in companies, institutions and organisations; this is, in centres outside the university premises, which have the objective of broaden and complement their university education, while providing a more deep knowledge on the necessary competences after graduating.

The External Internships subject consists of two stages:

  • Development of an internship period which offers a professional experience related with some of the profile of graduation included in the Degree Verification Report
  • Report elaboration


Bachelor’s Degree External Internships Regulation

External Internships final assignation list – Bachelor’s Degree in Law
External Internships final assignation list – Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources


Internships Coordinator

Tomás Farto Piay